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About Lachlan

Lachlan has been an avid Spurs fan since watching a certain Champions League game very early in the morning against Inter Milan in 2010. Spurs were always in and around his mind as a boy; his mother talked about Harry Hotspur being a brilliant namesake for a team, Klinsmann’s celebratory dive, the majestic defending of Ledley King and then the stunning ‘comeback’ season. He also always kind of hated Arsenal for some reason.

The deal was sealed for him one day after moving to Stoke Newington in North London. Having sussed out Spurs as a potential suitor, a conversation with a stranger on a bus about football teams led him to settle on the team he thought had the history and philosophy he really liked. He had no idea what kind of relationship he was getting into.

Lachlan is 25, Australian and based in Melbourne. He was a speedy winger back in his football playing days, fond of the ‘rabona’ before Lamela and Ronaldo had made it cool. He still regrets some of his attempted passes in this fashion. He graduated from university with a degree in International Relations, but spends most of his time these days doing a bit of gardening and taking care of his wife’s cats. He is also very good at FIFA.

You can find him on Twitter @loque91

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