Potentially the most exciting news of the summer for Spurs fans

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Firstly, news emerging last night suggests that Spurs, pending council approval, are about to revise the planned capacity of the new WHL further towards the 60,000 plus mark.

With Chelsea and West Ham planning on their own stadium moves in the near future, many Spurs fans have been calling for a increase in the planned capacity of the new stadium from the current 56,000, included in plans drawn up some years ago.

Haringey Council have now published limited details of this latest Spurs planning application, as seen below.


Another interesting development from the Spurs boardroom comes in the form of the money spinner that is the NFL. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 6 months you'll be aware of the rumour suggesting a tie-up between the newly housed THFC and the American sporting superpower. Suggestions are that, due to the success of the Wembley regular season games, the NFL have been looking for a more permanent home for a UK based NFL franchise, and our new stadium could be that home.

Again, late last night, rumours began flooding message boards that a deal had finally been signed for the NFL to move into Spurs' new super stadium and that an official announcement could be expected by the end of next week.

If correct, this will not only mean a huge boost in revenue and profile for the club and it's new home, but will also add fuel to those other rumours of an American takeover of THFC. We wait and see.

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  1. I'll certainly support a take-over of our club - maybe then our full potential can be realised. Just hope ENIC and Levy lose their influence that is holding us back.

  2. Anonymous10:15 am

    How are they holding us back? New stadium, European qualification every year, club running at a profit, players bought, developed and sold on at huge profits! If that's holding us back then God help us. People need to get real, we do not have the funds of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U or Man C and we are a well run club. I for one do not want to go back to the dark days of mid-table football and the threat of going out of buisness!

    1. Some dark days - from CL quarter finalists in 2010, two top 4 finishes and the most talked about team in Europe under HR to now scrapping for 5 or 6th place in the EL with a seemingly endless procession of managers coming in and going out. Work it out for yourself.

    2. Anonymous1:41 am

      Well said, and well put!

  3. Anonymous11:15 am

    CL qualification was still done under Enic and Levy, as well as scrapping for 5th and 6th.

    They haven't been perfect, but better then most Clubs in the league. We are punching above our weight compared to the revenue we bring in

  4. Anonymous7:09 pm

    ENIC are running a business. They're not going to pump endless money into the club ..... but let's be realistic and realise that apart from Chelskum and City that's what almost all clubs do.
    We had a great chance to propel ourselves closer to those teams when we got the Bale money. Unfortunately Levy and Baldini blew that chance in the most spectacular period of wasteful spending we've ever had. Now we have to go back to wheeling and dealing.

  5. Surely it makes sense to have the capacity of the new ground at least 1 seat more than the emirates................

  6. Anonymous12:54 am

    At last another Yid who truly understands how awesome Levy is for spurs

  7. Over 60,000 would be great, 56,000 seems a bit to small of a capacity for a beautiful stadium like that.


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