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I can pin-point the moment I became a Spurs fan, 1975, a Sunday afternoon watching On The Ball with my father, I turned to him and asked him who do we support, Tottenham he said, I never questioned it, liked the blue and white kit and so a forty year love affair started.

Of course as I got older, I appreciated that my father had witnessed the 61 team and this explained why a family with no London connections have supported Spurs for over half a century.

So I have seen Spurs through many decades, my first live game was away at Bristol Rovers when we were in the second division in the late seventies, witnessed the cup winning sides of the eighties, Gazza in the nineties and of course our tilt at the title last season.

I have been a THFC member for 30 years, travelled home and away and have many stories to tell from the past, the present and sometimes even the future. I have written about Spurs for a long time, have a book out called This Time Last Season available on Amazon and recently invented the WHL Tribute hoodie as we prepare to leave our home of 118 years.

I normally take an unusual slant to my writing, if you want match reports you won't find them here, i write using the experience I have gained supporting Spurs and try to give the reader a different perspective as we follow our heroes.

You can also follow me on Twitter @muttonterry

My tweets are normally always about Spurs and I even have Razor Ruddock following me!

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