This Levy/Redknapp Rift

With claim and counter claim flying around that our top dog (Levy) and First Team Coach ('arry) may not be far from parting ways, its almost feeling like the usual summer strife before our last minute entry into the transfer window, only to see us snap up Carlton Cole on a free.

Were Jim White to sit behind his shiny podium on deadline day ready to burst with joy at announcing this news, I think the time may have come for a change of direction, a change of strategy, a change of management. Having said this we are still only a few weeks into the transfer window with the only major transfer thus far having been that of Eden (you little tease) Hazard to the pensioners.

While we wait to see how the window unfolds, we also watch on interestingly as the sporting drama of the Olympics and the Euros is matched by the alleged dispute brewing between out two big guns down in N17. Harry it seems has been fishing elsewhere if the rumours of his trips to the UAE are to be believed whereas Danny boy and uncle Joe have been left unhappy with the lack of form which followed Harrys connection with the then vacant England managers post and the throwing away of a ten point lead.

It would be hard for Levy to dispose of a manager who has led us to 3 top 5 finishes in a row (2 of those finishing forth), but has the time come when the friction and the gap between the two has grown to the point of no return. For all we know the pair may be best buddies, but in any case the saying 'no smoke without fire' springs to mind.

On BBC TV recently Harry seemed far from committed when discussing his future at Spurs and his relationship with Levy, who as we know has had far more important and personal things to be attending to recently. This may of been to protect himself in order to get the best possible deal from Spurs but with Levy apparently only willing to offer a short contract we may be waving Harry off to Dubai if nothing is sorted soon.

Personally I would like to see Redknapp stay providing he is committed and hasn't already had his head turned by other offers. The players all seem to enjoy playing for him and may even be waiting to see if he stays before they themselves commit to us. He may not be perfect in many respects but sometimes it's better the devil you know and for next season top 4 is no longer an aim but a must in order to cement our position at the top table.

It's again a summer of waiting, not knowing, as we have all become so accustomed to in recent years. However, should the top dogs at WHL all decide to put the club first we could possibly dare to dream again of mssrs Vertonghen, Krul and Leando in the lillywhite shirt. So Jimmy boy White please put the Red Bull (and Carlton Cole) on ice!

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  1. I think harrys time is up at spurs we blew 3rs place because he allowed himself and the players to be distracted

  2. Anonymous5:56 pm

    how can you say his times up when we finished 4th?

  3. jenjen5:57 pm

    yetagain we will leave it till the last minute to panic buy :-(

  4. kentspurs5:57 pm

    harry has done a great job...must stay for me and keep modders n bale!

  5. Anonymous5:58 pm

    triffic manager;-) but worried about his tactical knowledge in big games

  6. if harry goes worried modders/bale will follow

  7. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Spurs players want Harry to stay.

    Rafa, Bale, Modric, Walker have said it in quotes to the media.

    Kaboul, Parker and Benny love him and Ade is only at the club cos of Harry.

    Even Remy only wants to sign if Harry stays.

    How many will head for the door if Harry goes?

  8. Anonymous6:25 pm

    yea agree the players al want harry so must stay

  9. Anonymous6:30 pm

    I hope Levy decides to pull his finger out this window!! dream signings. GK Butland or Marc-André ter Stegen. DF Vertonghen. MF A.Johnson, Eriksen. ST Damiao and Remy..... I know but i can Dream right?

  10. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Of course they want him to stay, they get to do f**k all, all week until match day. Rafa even said as much a few months back.

  11. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Redknapp has to go. So what if he got us top4, with a top3 team! Levy will destroy the mug that is Redknapp.

  12. Anonymous7:00 pm

    He needs to stay if we want Champions League football in 2013/2014.

  13. Anonymous7:23 pm

    God I hate us spurs fans sometimes.

    Redknapp stays end of. Best manager we have had in my lifetime and I'm approaching middle-age. He may not read, or write, or practice set pieces, but whatever he does, it's got our best 3 seasons in my lifetime.

    People say we have a top 3 squad, but at the beginning of the season everyone wrote us off finishing any higher than 6th.

    Players play well when happy. Under Harry they are happy. If he leaves, they will leave and even if they dont, their moral may drop and we have another manager do what Ramos did.

    Get over yourselves people. We are getting better every year and that is all you can ask for without speanding £100's of millions + £200k+ a week wages...


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