A brief Statement on THAT handshake

Article by Darren Evans

There has been many a rumble in the premier league jungle this season.

A few examples:

Leicester city

A shamble of a title defence, Players uprising against the manger, meetings between key players and owners and very awkward interviews.

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola, one of the greatest managerial talents of our generation being openly questioned by every media outlet in the land, rumours of a fall out between manager and player (Aguero), awkward interviews (Again) and somewhat dodgy recruitment in the GK position.


You could fill an EastEnders Christmas special with the amount of drama happening over at the team from Woolwich.

Mike Dean

Poor Mike...

Tottenham Hotspur

Well, where do I Begin?

With all the chaos of the 2016/2017 so far, I suppose the biggest shock so far is that we don’t seem be playing our customary role in it all. While the Arsenal fans are Fighting each other on Arsenal Fan TV, Hoards of fans Paint the streets red with their “Wenger out” signs, they have opened the door to another level of public mockery and jibe taking. The problems on the pitch are there for everyone to see. Even their own players are laughing at them.

Its verging on toxic.

Peps being laughed at for playing with his Willy over his Hart, Leicester (or their players) have stabbed their title winning manager in the back, after performing the greatest sporting miracle last season in taking a bunch of relegation candidates to premier league champions. But there must be something for the critics to sink their teeth into from spurs…… Well there was that handshake.

Now I for one loved everything about that handshake. It was in a way, everything that sets us apart from the pack. It showed Unity, its showed a bond between players, it told me that these two players are enjoying their football but above all else it screamed “were in this together”.

For once when there’s problems in other team’s kitchens, we don’t seem to really have one. Yes, we’ve had our flaws this season, mainly Wembley, but when you have the two brightest talents in English football playing on the same pitch, our pitch, and enjoying it. I can’t find a flaw there...

Unbeaten at home this season, on course for another record breaking points tally come the end, an FA cup quarter final at least and the league’s top goal scorer. It is all held together by those handshakes. Whilst these troubled clubs look for an answer to their problems, we have the solution: A TEAM UNITED. A team without ego or demands. A manager that condemns it. A club that have done things the right way. They’ve gone the long way about it at times but we’ve built this club, these performances step by step, we’ve not tried to buy it, we’ve built it, and like everything in life there’s so much more satisfaction in that.

This club is going places, and were all going there together (and we don’t even need mikes help to get there). So, whilst other clubs try their best to feed the tabloids their stories of mockery, I for once, in a very long time as spurs fan, can sleep easy feeling nothing but pride for this bunch of mates with Tottenham shirts on their backs. I for one will shake to that.

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  1. It's always fashionable to slate Spurs. I am happy to see that handshake ten times a game!!


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