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Article by e-Spurs Writer Chris Mecoy (UK)
Gomez? Negredo? Villa? Benteke?
Too many of our supposed top targets are one way or the other becoming unavailable and it seems that Soldado is the only one left who seems to be attainable. This is unacceptable in many Spurs fans eyes and, despite me being one of Daniel Levy's biggest fans, it's starting to wind me up too.

Yes, maybe we will fork out the money to buy the Valencia hitman, but that is more than likely still not enough, is it? I love JD, like most Tottenham supporters, but unfortunately he only stars in spurts and he's never got 20 league goals in a season. As for Ade, he can be top class when he wants to be. The only problem is, he doesn't want to be very often at all. So, that means we need at least TWO strikers and we're seemingly unable to get even one. Does AVB have faith in Kane, Coulthirst or Coulibaly to make the step up? Is Baldini struggling to find the same sort of deals that have made him famous? Or is Daniel Levy just being Daniel Levy again?
When it cost to being a Spurs fan, I think we can be seperated into two categories:- The Sceptics and the Optimists. Forgive me if that sounds a little bit like West Side Story. I personally believe that I'm a part of the latter. I remember where we were 10 years ago, and I'm truly proud of where we are now. It's always been an honour to be a Spurs fan, but now we are actually fans of a very good team. Unfortunately, though, my optimism is starting to wain each and every day when I see everyone else spending money and we are still keeping the cheque book under lock and key. So Daniel Levy, in the last two or three years, some Spurs fans have started to think you are holding us back with your waiting and bargaining but you still had your followers. Now even we are starting to get fed up. Now I've actually had to edit this article because we have completed, aside from the formalities, the signing of Nacer Chabli and rumours are surfacing today that Baldini is in Valencia at the moment, presumably to try and broker a deal for Soldado. Great news on both fronts, but particularly the latter.

If these rumours are true, then maybe all these failures to sign our preferred striking options have been a blessing in disguise, because it seems to have sparked our men into action.

So, to finish, hopefully us Spurs fans will be appeased by the end of the week as we head to Asia.
Chris Mecoy
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  1. Kosher Kid5:53 pm

    Is it just me who is starting to think of Adebayor as feeling like Woody out of Toy Story?

    Have we let the media persuade us that Ade is yesterdays man and we need to sign Buzz Lightyear to compete?

    Adebayor had a quiet season by the standards he set the season before. That does not mean he is useless.

    He had a spell out injured, followed by a suspension for his red against Woolwich and then went off to play in the ACN.

    Three spells out of the side and still managed 8 goals in 27 starts, without the service he got in the previous season from VDV and Modric.

    I think Adebayor deserves a chance to prove what he is capable of and getting rid of him is not necessarily going to be the answer to Tottenham's problems.

    I think Defoe has had his day at Tottenham and perhaps it should be him who makes way for a further quality striker.

  2. Anonymous6:07 pm

    what about Fred cheap to or the Turkish forward


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