Sign our petition to end Real Madrid 'partnership'

Real Madrid C.F. have taken advantage of our club through the "strategic partnership" that we agreed to. They have taken our 2 top players for the past 2 years, sold a top player to our biggest rival and the partnership has been one sided. They have been duplicit in their dealings with us and we, the fans believe that this partnership should be terminated.

Sign the petition and join the e-Spurs campaign to end the 'partnership'. Over 1,000 already have!
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  1. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Terrible, working behind closed doors with Arsenal to screw us over in the end...

  2. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Come on keep it REAL. Works for us. COYG

  3. Anonymous1:57 pm

    whats in it for Spurs? 100+M net profit on Modric and Bale.

    At least it takes the biggest club in the world to tempt our best players away. Not the same with Arsenal.

    Madrid are 10x any of the clubs in the EPL. Man U fans will doubtless argue after being spoon fed the Sky vitriol for too long, but even they couldn't hold their best players from going there.

    If Man U had got their finger out and bid for Ozil he would have gone there, he said as much. In the end he compromised and went to Arsenal. We cant fault Madrid for that.

  4. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Don't be a muppet.
    We put one over them. 85m for Bale? Thank you very much.
    And the "partnership" meant that Real Madrid kept the deal as vague and as quiet as humanly possible (by their normally abysmal standards) to allow us to buy at reasonable prices.
    The whole thing was conducted with enough dignity - Marca and Real are normally much shriller with everyone else.
    Thank you Levy. And thank you Real. And thank you Gareth. Go forth and shine.

  5. Are you really scared of Arsenal? They have Özil now, but he cannot win the games alone. Arsenal is still one of the less competitive squads of the Premier. Don't be afraid.
    PS:I'm a Real Madrid fan, adn I really think that selling Özil is one of the biggest mistakes Florentino has made so far

  6. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Levt screwed up last jan when he shpould have got a striker in, we probably would have been in the champions league and kept bale, he blew it. He has done nothing special now either except make a profit. Just spent what he had to keep AVB happpy.

    Team is as boring as ever to watch, awful not the tottenham way. He looks bloody depressed to me hardly smiles. Bale was his get out clause now he has no one and will be exposed if he screws up with the team he now has in his possession. Also dont like his comments the other day, " I am not a tottenham fan" I am a "professional" working for tottenham. All a little ominous. Ozel will improve arsenal by a significant marrgin and liverpool also look to be on the up 5th is the best i can see us getting.

  7. I suspect it's nothing to do with the specifics of individual player registration.

    Real Madrid maximise revenue better than any other club in the world so we're likely to be learning more from them than they are us. Levy & Co. aren't idiots.

    It's also likely we've looked at the broader picture of player recruitment and, in line with their policy of going large on player transfers, followed suit as best we can.

    It might explain the sea change in ENIC's approach to transfers.

    In which case, why terminate anything?

  8. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Also - Madrid effectively used overpriced Arsenal money to give direct to Spurs to enable them to buy half their new players.

    Sounds good to me.

    Thanks Arsene

  9. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Ending the partnership would be the worst thing to do right now. Madrid would only laugh at us, as would the rest of the world. Yes, it's frustrating the way Madrid have affected us in recent years, but that's Madrid for you. They'd have done the same to anybody else, we just happened to be the ones this time with players they wanted.

    As much as we adore our club, we are miniscule in comparison to the stature of Madrid. The partnership was only ever an attempt to benefit us. We have to be truthful in the fact that we never really had much to offer them. They're one of the biggest franchises in the world. They've got everything sorted. They never needed our help. It would be embarrassing for us as a club to publicly announce a termination of the partnership now.

    The best thing to do now is to let the Modric/Bale sagas die down, and maybe in a couple of years time they will start to honour the agreement, and perhaps even go an extra stride for us after stripping us of two of our most prized possessions.

    How could severing the ties and creating tension between us and one of the most successful clubs in the world be of any benefit at all?

    Watch them form a partnership with Arsenal instead and then see how we suffer.

    And to be angry with them for selling Ozil to Arsenal is ridiculous. It's football. Transfers happen. Books need to be balanced, and Arsenal were the ones throwing £42.4m at them. Just be glad they overcharged, and didn't put Maria and Benzema in the mix to go with it!

    Our top 4 finish will just be even sweeter thanks to all this :P

  10. Kosher Kid2:27 pm

    THFC have trousered 118 million, from Real Madrid, for two players that cost THFC 26 million. They also sold us Rafa VDV, for 8 million, a relative bargain.

    Working with Real Madrid appears to be doing THFC no harm at all when you stop to consider that all the money received from them has been re-invested in the playing squad at THFC.

    I am sure Ajax supporters are disappointed that THFC have bought two of their best players in the last twelve months. It is the nature of football.

    The deals so far have been good for THFC and in time the players that have been brought in should keep THFC in a challenging position, at the top end of the Premier League, for several seasons.

    AFC have paid over the odds for Ozil. They have paid a premium price for a very good player. However, it does not follow that he will be a success at AFC. There is little chance of AFC recovering all of that fee should things not go to plan. Ozil must succeed because of the transfer fee paid or the deal has the potential to look foolish as the deals for Torres and Carrol were.

    THFC have bought Christian Eriksen who is a similar player to Ozil. I suggest you have a look at the stats of both players and decide for yourself which club has done the best business in this window.

  11. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Stupid, reactionary nonsense. Having a partnership doesn't mean they can't sell their own players to whoever they want. I'm sure RM would have been absolutely delighted if more clubs were in for Ozil, pushing the fee up, but just because our rivals were the only ones seriously in for him doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't sell to them. And what if they'd sold him to Man Utd, Chelsea, Man city or Liverpool...would that be ok? Are we not competing with them just as much?

  12. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Time to grow up lads and move on Bale was good for 1.5 years and we made a massive profit on him and Modric to real
    Also any knowlegable gooner (if there is any) realise we are as good as them they worry about us now more than every.
    If we want Ozil we could have included him as part of the Bale deal but we didnt.He is a good player but so he shpuld be at 43 million, Panic buy Arsene what was you saying

  13. I respect all of your opinions and views. I believe that we need to petition the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust and get information from the club over this partnership. Then, we can make our educated decision on this matter. This petition, in my opinion is the only way to get the information that us fans deserve.

  14. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Blinkered nonsense. We should actively look to develop these sorts of partnerships throughout the world and deveop the Spurs brand. As others have said, 7 new signings (with 3 records)and still a profit this summer shows we have done ok from them.
    Grow up.

  15. Anonymous4:02 pm

    u lot need you head tested spurs will be 5th or 6th not enough high class strikers!!
    if we was to play Man U. we would be saying shit we hope that V.P. don't play or Liverpool suarez. who the hell do we have for clubs to be worried about???? to me Soldado. is lazy mark my words!!

  16. Charlie8:10 pm

    I've supported Spurs for over 45 years and don't want our club taken advantage of. I fear that Levy's recent comment is a call for 'come and get me, look what a good negotiator I am' to a club the size of Real - sincerely hope there was no favours going on to let Arsenal have a free run for Ozil. I know it may sound ridiculous but making bigger and bigger deals is what motivates the likes of Levy and he has been at WHL for a while and these boys like new challenges and think of themselves not the club. Tapping up and eventually signing our 2 best players and upsetting the running of the club, not allowing one of their players to join us as part of the deal and then eventually almost selling him to Man U (could happen in January) and then insulting us by selling Ozil to Arsenal. This doesn't strike me as a partnership. Obviously negotiations with Arsenal over Ozil had been going on for a good while before Bale signed as deal like that doesn't happen in just 24 hours - thats what makes me wonder if there is anything in my earlier comment. End this 'partnership' with Real asap. I'm sure Madrid will have no objections as the only reason they set up any partnership if there really was any Partnership was to get Gareth Bale. Now that done they'll be laughing at us.


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